In the world of SaaS marketing, organic traffic is often the lifeblood that fuels growth. But what happens when that vital stream of visitors starts to dry up? In this saas seo case study, we’ll delve into a remarkable journey of helping a friend’s company reverse a dire downward trend in organic traffic. Over the course of six months, we managed to not only halt the decline but double their website’s organic traffic. Buckle up as we navigate the challenges, strategies, and successes that could inspire your own saas marketing case studies.

Navigating the Turbulence for saas seo case study

Navigation saas seo case study

When we embarked on this saas seo case study, we found ourselves assisting a thriving eCommerce SaaS company. Their journey from a mere startup to a seven-figure entity was paved with success driven by organic search. Their strengths were clear: quality content, active participation in industry communities, and an inherently cool company persona.

The Storm Brews

However, the digital landscape is a fierce battlefield, and our friends faced a formidable challenge. Growing competition in search engine results pages (SERPs) triggered a relentless decline in their organic traffic. Over 11 months, nearly 40% of their once-healthy traffic dwindled away. Multiple attempts at reversing this trend proved futile. Even a website redesign and efforts to enhance site speed failed to resuscitate their diminishing fortunes.

Cracking the Code Initial Analysis

Our journey began with a meticulous analysis aimed at unraveling the mysteries behind the traffic decline. Every change made to the website in the past year was scrutinized alongside the traffic trends. This scrutiny yielded four crucial observations:


  • The traffic decline affected more than 90% of their pages.
  • The decline was gradual and consistent, devoid of sudden plunges.
  • Specific product pages suffered a 33% traffic drop following the website redesign.
  • The existing content strategy showed signs of underperformance.

Technical Prowess Unearthing Solutions for saas seo case study

search solution for saas seo case study

The next crucial step in this saas seo case study was a comprehensive technical audit. Within two days, we identified 18 pressing issues that demanded immediate attention. We set our priorities, beginning with quick wins. Collaborating closely with their marketing specialist and developers, we swiftly addressed several issues

Actionable Solutions

  • Transitioned certain menu links and content from client-side rendering to server-side.
  • Eliminated tags generating hundreds of low-quality pages.
  • Revamped blog categories for improved SEO and user-friendliness.
  • Introduced contextual internal links, especially to pages languishing on page 2.
  • Rectified canonical issues on a specific group of pages.

Content Renaissance Crafting a Revival

The content strategy was a pivotal battleground in this SAAS SEO case study. Existing articles were unable to reverse the traffic slump, primarily due to overly narrow topics and keywords with insufficient search volume. We set an ambitious goal: each article must draw a minimum of 1,000 monthly visits. To achieve this, we implemented effective keyword search techniques. If you’re interested in improving your keyword search methods, check out our article on “5 Ways To Search For Keywords On Any Website + Tools to use” for valuable insights. Simultaneously, we maintained the pace of publishing one article per week.

Content Strategy Highlights for saas seo case study

  • Conducted a content gap analysis and comprehensive keyword research.
  • Leveraged the website’s established authority to target keywords with substantial search volumes.
  • Optimized an existing article each week, sharing the same traffic target.
  • Each article creation process involved selecting a primary keyword, discerning search intent, devising an article angle, and rigorous revision for quality.

In five months, we birthed 20 new articles and optimized 20 existing ones.

Linking the Pieces Strategic Outreach for saas seo case study

Linking the piece saas seo case study

Remarkably, this saas seo case study achieved significant results with minimal link building efforts. Several factors contributed to this success

Factors Contributing to Link Building Success for saas seo case study

  • A pre-existing high-quality backlink profile.
  • Organic attraction of backlinks due to the website’s inherent appeal.
  • A focus on content quality, reducing the reliance on backlinks.

Although the client wasn’t particularly keen on link building, we convinced them to engage in ethical and non-spammy practices. Leveraging our email templates, they secured impressive links through a combination of Help a Reporter Out (HARO) responses, link inserts, and guest posting. Additionally, there was an unexplored opportunity for a valuable link asset that remained untapped due to resource constraints.

Mentoring for Mastery

master the seo saas seo case study

Throughout the project, we provided vital SEO mentoring, empowering their digital marketer with a comprehensive skill set.


Here’s what the digital marketer had to say about their experience:

“Charles taught me how to properly choose keywords that will bring in valuable traffic, helped me learn to create efficient content briefs for content writers to ensure our content would perform on the SERP, and showed me how to edit content so it is optimized for readers and search engines too. Charles provided me with a wealth of knowledge on technical maintenance and audits that I use on a regular basis. Our weekly sessions during my apprenticeship helped me acquire all the skills I needed in order to continue increasing our organic traffic.”

Harvesting Success The Results for saas seo case study

In SEO, results seldom occur by chance. At the project’s outset, we set specific goals:


Halt the downward traffic trend as swiftly as possible.

In just three months, we achieved this goal, recording a slight traffic increase of 4% in the third month. It marked the first month of growth in nearly a year, demonstrating that with the right strategy and dedication, organic traffic can indeed be revived.


In the grand tapestry of saas seo case studies, this journey stands as a testament to the power of strategy, diligence, and mentorship in the realm of organic traffic. The key takeaways from this unique saas case study are clear: meticulous analysis, technical prowess, content enhancement, and mentoring are the building blocks of success in the ever-evolving landscape of SEO.

We encourage readers to draw inspiration from this saas seo case study and apply these strategic insights to their own SEO endeavors. Remember, success in SEO isn’t a game of chance but a well-calculated endeavor that demands perseverance and commitment to set goals.

With these insights, you can navigate the turbulent waters of SEO and steer your website towards increased organic traffic and digital success. So, start charting your course today!

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