Local SEO is rapidly gaining prominence as a highly effective method for local businesses to grow online. We’ve compiled 50 key local SEO stats for 2023 that highlight the importance of a local SEO strategy for small businesses.

Local SEO, similar to regular SEO, involves optimizing a website to improve its visibility in local search results and attract local customers.

In 2014, Google’s Pigeon update provided smaller local businesses with an opportunity to reach their local audience. The update aimed to provide users with relevant information on products, services, and businesses in their immediate vicinity.

Since then, small businesses have started exploring local SEO strategies. When implemented correctly, local SEO can generate valuable leads and increase local organic traffic. This article presents the most impactful 50 Local SEO statistics for 2023, emphasizing the significance of a comprehensive local campaign.

Editor’s Choice Statistics

  1. Google My Business Dominates Market Share (142,085 in the US)
  2. Online Reviews Impact Consumer Choices (76% Read Reviews)
  3. Google Map Pack’s Impact on Local Search (42% Clicks on Map Pack)
  4. Investing in Local SEO (Avg. Rate: $128/hr)
  5. Google’s Organic Results Preferred (Highest Clicks)
  6. Positive ROI from Local SEO (4.76 Months for Returns)
  7. Boosting Local Business Visibility (80% Increase in Online Presence)
  8. Local SEO Drives Purchases (90% Conversion Rate)
  9. Mobile Searches Convert Customers (80% Result in Sales)
  10. Local Searches Drive Customer Engagement (30% Location-Based)

Top 50 Google My Business Stats Of 2023

1. Google My Business Empowers Websites (177,586 Live)

Google My Business has become an indispensable tool for businesses worldwide, with a staggering number of websites utilizing its services. Currently, there are a whopping 177,586 live websites actively using Google My Business. These websites have recognized the value of this platform in enhancing their online presence and connecting with potential customers.

2. Google My Business: A Historical Advantage (135,908 Websites)

Furthermore, the impact of Google My Business extends beyond the present. An additional 135,908 websites have historically utilized Google My Business, highlighting its enduring popularity and effectiveness. This demonstrates that businesses have long recognized the benefits of this service and have continued to leverage it to enhance their online visibility.

3. India Embraces Google My Business (2,959 Websites)

In India, the number of websites utilizing Google My Business is also noteworthy. Presently, there are 2,959 websites in the country actively leveraging the power of Google My Business. This emphasizes the widespread adoption of the platform among Indian businesses and their recognition of its ability to attract local customers and boost their online reputation.

4. Google My Business Awarded for Excellence (11th Globally, 5th in India)

Google My Business is a leading platform in the digital landscape, earning recognition and acclaim. It ranks 11th globally and 5th in India as a Simple Website Builder, showcasing its widespread usage and appeal. Vietnam and Sri Lanka also acknowledge its value, placing it in the 3rd position. In the United States and New Zealand, it ranks 6th, while in Taiwan it holds the 7th spot. Moreover, Google My Business has made its mark in the Content Management System (CMS) category, ranking 20th in the United States. These achievements solidify its reputation as a trusted and versatile platform for businesses worldwide.

5. Google My Business Dominates Market Share (142,085 in the US)

Google My Business has emerged as a dominant player in the online business directory market, with its widespread adoption and impressive market share across multiple countries. In the United States, Google My Business has a staggering market share of 142,085, making it the go-to platform for businesses to manage their online presence and connect with customers. The United Kingdom follows with a respectable market share of 6,543, while India, France, and Germany trail behind with 2,959, 2,744, and 2,382 respectively.

Moving across the globe, Canada and Australia also have significant usage of Google My Business, with market shares of 2,198 and 1,411 respectively. Italy and Poland round off the list with 1,249 and 881 market shares respectively, while Mexico wraps it up with a noteworthy 799 market share. These figures demonstrate the platform’s global reach and effectiveness in helping businesses establish and maintain their online presence in various markets. With its extensive features and user-friendly interface, Google My Business continues to be a vital tool for businesses worldwide.

Consumer Behavior & Local Businesses: Online Reviews, Mobile Engagement, and Local SEO Stats

Consumer behavior is heavily influenced by online reviews, which are trusted by consumers as much as personal recommendations. This highlights the significance of managing and monitoring online reviews for businesses. Positive reviews can build trust and attract new customers, while negative reviews can deter potential buyers.

Mobile engagement is crucial for businesses as well. With the increasing use of smartphones, consumers expect seamless mobile experiences. A poorly designed mobile site can frustrate users and lead to a negative perception of the brand. Therefore, businesses need to prioritize mobile optimization to provide a smooth and user-friendly experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

6. Consumers Go Online for Local Business Info (98% Internet Usage)

In 2022, 98% of consumers used the Internet to find information about local businesses, emphasizing the vital role of online platforms in connecting consumers with desired products and services. Businesses must prioritize building a strong online presence to meet the changing needs of their target audience.

7. Online Reviews Impact Consumer Choices (76% Read Reviews)

76% of consumers read online reviews when looking for local businesses. Positive reviews build trust and attract customers, while negative reviews discourage business. Businesses must manage their online reputation and engage with customers for a positive brand image.

8. Local Searches Drive Digital Traffic (69% of Total)

Local and Organic Searches: Local and organic searches make up 69% of digital traffic. Optimizing websites for local search queries is crucial. It helps businesses attract their target audience and drive relevant traffic to their online platforms.

9. Google’s Local Business Evaluation Dominance (87% Rely on Google)

An impressive 87% of consumers relied on Google to evaluate local businesses in 2022. This finding underscores the search engine’s dominant position in the online market and highlights the importance for businesses to ensure their Google My Business profiles are complete, accurate, and regularly updated.

10. Google Map Pack’s Impact on Local Search (42% Clicks on Map Pack)

The Google Map Pack plays a significant role in local search, with 42% of local searches resulting in clicks on this feature. This emphasizes the need for businesses to optimize their Google My Business profiles and aim for inclusion in the map pack to enhance their visibility and attract potential customers.

11. Daily Searches for Local Businesses (33% Search Daily)

One-third of online consumers search for local businesses daily, emphasizing the need for businesses to have a strong online presence to attract potential customers actively seeking their products or services.
Preference for Local Businesses with Physical and Online Presence: 61% of shoppers prefer local businesses with physical stores and online websites, emphasizing the significance of an omnichannel approach that combines online and offline presence for a seamless customer experience.

12. Preference for Local Businesses with Physical and Online Presence (61% Prefer Omnichannel)

61% of shoppers prefer local businesses with physical stores and online websites, emphasizing the significance of an omnichannel approach that combines online and offline presence for a seamless customer experience.

13. Power of SEO for Local Partners (46% Use SEO, 79% Find It Effective)

46% of local partners use SEO, and 79% consider it effective. This shows that businesses recognize the value of SEO in boosting online visibility and attracting local customers. However, a considerable number of local partners have not fully incorporated SEO into their marketing strategies.

14. Local SEO Boosts Visibility (42% Miss Opportunity)

Only 42% of companies optimize for local search, missing a chance to boost online visibility and reach local customers. Optimizing for local search helps businesses be found by nearby consumers seeking their products/services. Act now for effective targeting.

15. Investing in Local SEO (Avg. Rate: $128/hr)

The average hourly rate for local SEO services in the USA stands at $128. This rate reflects the value businesses place on optimizing their online presence to attract local customers. As competition intensifies, companies are willing to invest in expert SEO services to enhance their visibility and rankings in local search results.

16. Effective Local SEO Builds Long-Term Relationships (49% Client Lifespan)

49% of local marketers say clients stay for more than three years, showing how effective local SEO is for building long-term relationships. Consistent results and value are key to retaining clients for extended periods.

17. Challenges in Local SEO Ahead (37% Expect Difficulty)

37% of respondents believe local SEO will be harder in the second half of 2021 due to changing search algorithms and the need for businesses to adjust their strategies.

18. Power of Local and Organic Searches (69% Digital Traffic)

Local and organic searches make up 69% of digital traffic, highlighting the impact of location-based searches. Websites optimized for both local and organic queries attract more visitors.

19. Growing Significance of Local SEO (28.8% Increase in Local Traffic)

From Jan 2020 to Jul 2021, local traffic for location-based businesses increased from 19.2% to 28.8%, highlighting the growing significance of local SEO in attracting customers to physical stores and online shops with geographic relevance.

20. Google’s Organic Results Preferred (Highest Clicks)

When it comes to search engine results pages (SERPs), Google’s organic search results receive the highest number of clicks compared to other types. This finding demonstrates the continued trust and reliance users place on organic search listings to find relevant information.

21. Near Me Searches Surge (200% Growth)

“Where to buy” + “Near me” searches experienced a remarkable growth rate of over 200% in a span of two years. This trend highlights the increasing use of location-based keywords as consumers seek local solutions and products conveniently.

22. Google Maps App Ranks 4th (Popular Choice)

Google Maps holds its position as the fourth most popular smartphone app. This popularity underscores the importance of local map listings and the need for businesses to optimize their presence on Google Maps to reach potential customers effectively.

23. Local Intent Dominates Google (46% of Searches)

A significant 46% of all searches on Google exhibit local intent. This emphasizes the importance for businesses to optimize their online presence for local searches to capture the attention of potential customers in their vicinity.

24. Local Searches Drive Offline Purchases (78% Impact)

An impressive 78% of local searches conducted on mobile devices lead to offline purchases. This highlights the impact of local search results in influencing consumer behavior and driving customers to physical store locations.

25. First Result Crucial in Local Business Searches (24.4% Clicks)

Securing the first position in local business searches is crucial as 24.4% of all clicks go to the top-ranking result. This underscores the importance of local businesses implementing effective SEO strategies to increase their visibility and attract more organic traffic.

26. Online Visibility Vital for Success (62% Ignore Offline)

A strong online presence is crucial for businesses, as 62% of consumers ignore those that can’t be found online. It’s important for businesses to have accurate information readily available on platforms like Google My Business to effectively engage potential customers.

27. Consistent Local Search Behavior (29% Weekly Searches)

A significant 29% of people search for local businesses at least once a week. This consistent behavior highlights the ongoing opportunity for businesses to connect with and attract local customers through effective local SEO strategies.

28. Unclaimed Google My Business Listings (56% Missed Opportunity)

Surprisingly, 56% of local businesses have not yet claimed their Google My Business listing. This represents a missed opportunity to enhance online visibility, engage with customers, and leverage the power of local search results.

29. Positive ROI from Local SEO (4.76 Months for Returns)

On average, it takes approximately 4.76 months to see a positive return on investment (ROI) from local SEO efforts. This indicates that businesses should approach local SEO as a long-term strategy and invest in optimizing their online presence consistently to reap the rewards.

30. Generating Traffic and Leads Challenge (61% Struggle)

61% of businesses struggle with generating traffic and leads. To succeed in the digital world, businesses need effective marketing strategies like SEO, content creation, and social media. Overcoming this challenge is crucial for expanding the customer base and increasing conversions.

31. Impressive ROI from Local SEO Campaigns (500%+ Returns)

Local SEO campaigns yield impressive results, with 40% achieving a 500%+ ROI. They optimize websites for local searches, boosting visibility in location-specific results. By targeting local keywords, optimizing Google My Business listings, and building citations, businesses attract targeted traffic and improve lead conversion.

32. Influential Online Reputations (22% Higher Payments)

Consumers pay extra for local businesses with good online reputations, up to 22% more. Online reviews shape perceptions and decision-making, helping businesses attract customers and charge higher prices. Managing a positive online presence is crucial.

33. Fresh Content for Local Search (Improved Rankings)

The average top 10 local search result page is 2+ years old. Fresh, updated content is vital for better rankings and user experience. Regularly publishing new content improves local search visibility and organic traffic. Stay competitive by keeping content engaging and up-to-date.

34. Local SEO’s Remarkable ROI (Maximizing Returns)

Local organic search delivers the highest ROI for 49% of businesses, emphasizing the value of local SEO. It optimizes websites to rank higher in location-specific searches, attracting customers actively seeking local products or services. Investing in local SEO maximizes marketing ROI.

35. Mobile Shopping Behavior (Local SEO Investment)

Local organic search delivers the highest ROI for 49% of businesses, emphasizing the effectiveness of local SEO. Optimizing websites for location-specific searches attracts potential customers actively seeking products or services in their area, making local SEO a valuable investment for maximizing marketing ROI.

36. Automated Listing Management (Time-Saving Solutions)

Over 40% of businesses use automated tools for managing local listings, ensuring consistency and accuracy across platforms, saving time, and minimizing errors. This reflects the recognition of maintaining a strong online presence and the need for efficient listing management.

37. Outsourcing Local SEO for SMBs (Expertise and Rankings)

40% of SMBs outsource local SEO due to resource constraints and lack of expertise. It helps them leverage SEO professionals’ skills for better rankings, visibility, and competitiveness in the local market.

38. Boosting Local Business Visibility (80% Increase in Online Presence)

Valued at over $80 billion, the local SEO industry focuses on optimizing online visibility and rankings for businesses in specific geographic locations, driving targeted traffic, and increasing customer engagement.

39. Local Link Building: SEO Priority (18% Top Investment)

According to 18% of businesses, local link building is their top priority in local SEO investment. Building quality backlinks from local sources helps improve search engine rankings and local visibility.

40. SEO Tools Enhance Local Efforts (2/3 Businesses Rely)

More than two-thirds of businesses rely on two to five SEO tools to enhance their local SEO efforts. These tools assist in keyword research, competitor analysis, tracking rankings, and optimizing website performance.

41. Local SEO Drives Purchases (90% Conversion Rate)

Approximately 90% of consumers who search for a local business online make a purchase within a week of their initial search. This highlights the significant impact of local SEO in driving conversions and generating revenue.

42. Local SEO Leads: High Close Rate (15% Successful Conversion)

Local SEO leads boast an impressive close rate of nearly 15%. This emphasizes the effectiveness of local SEO strategies in attracting highly interested and motivated customers.

43. Competitive Edge: Importance of Local SEO (35% Recognize Value)

35% of businesses recognize the importance of local SEO. By optimizing their online presence for local searches, businesses can gain a competitive edge, attract local customers, and boost revenue.

44. Local Businesses Thrive Online (97% Rely on Web)

An overwhelming 97% of people rely on online sources to gather information about local companies. This underscores the significance of a strong online presence in shaping consumer perceptions and influencing purchase decisions.

45. Mobile Searches Convert Customers (80% Result in Sales)

80% of local mobile searches result in conversions. This indicates that optimizing websites and content for mobile devices is crucial for local businesses to capture and convert mobile users into customers.

46. Online Influence Drives Store Visits (70% Offline Footfall)

In the digital age, 70% of consumers are motivated to visit physical stores after gathering information online, highlighting the significant impact of online presence on offline customer footfall.

47. Negative Reviews Impact Trust (84% Seek Honest Feedback)

A staggering 84% of customers actively search for negative reviews to gauge product or service quality, indicating the importance of transparency and honest feedback in building consumer trust.

48. Google Maps Boost Local Visibility (86% Discover Businesses)

The reliance on Google Maps by 86% of customers showcases its significance as a go-to tool for discovering and locating nearby businesses, making it a vital platform for local business visibility.

49. Local Searches Drive Customer Engagement (30% Location-Based)

With approximately 30% of Google mobile searches being location-oriented, it emphasizes the need for businesses to optimize their online presence for local search, enabling them to capture potential customers actively seeking nearby solutions.

50. Offline Traffic from “Near Me” Searches (50% Store Visits)

More than 50% of searches for “near me” lead to offline store visits, underlining the powerful impact of local search intent and demonstrating how online inquiries convert into tangible in-store foot traffic.


In the highly competitive landscape of local SEO, Google My Business stands out as a powerful tool for businesses to maximize their online visibility and attract local customers. By claiming and optimizing your Google My Business listing, utilizing its features effectively, managing online reviews, and optimizing for local and mobile searches, you can outrank your competitors and achieve local SEO success by giving Google my business 50 Stats. Embrace the statistics and insights shared in this article to unlock the full potential of Google My Business and propel your business to new heights in the digital realm.

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